Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tahniah Ms Rosita Jaafar

Tahniah Ms Rosita Jaafar on your new edition of Beads Sequins Embroidery, Sulaman Manik Labuci.

First off, I first learned about beading from Mok Su Zana (fyi die ni pangkat anak sedara, mude lagi anak satu baru). Prosess pembelajaran ni was very first hand. She showed me a couple of stiches then I tried it on my projects.

Secondly, I proceed to more tricky stitches from Ms Rosita's book. I must say her illustrations are easy to follow except for the sequin flowers. I've improved on my bead flowers and basic chain from her book. My cushion cover project of bunga lalang was actually a try out from one of her designs in the book.

On the sequin flower, surprisingly my 12 year old son managed to pull them together. I had to learn from him when I did the sequin flowers for Kak Zah's dress.

Happy beading!!


RJ said...

Thank you so much for your compliment. I am so happy that you've learned DIY just reading the book. I, myself love to teach to all wives out there who is dying to earn an extra money from home. Even though without basic skill and zero knowledge I believe through my book they managed to produce at least something out of it. Believe or not, some of ladies had an earning up to RM5000 per month. To make RM500 is the most easiest job ever. Please look forward for my latest book of BEADs, CRYSTAL AND THREAD EMBROIDERY, which will be released end of this month 30th August 2008. Thank you so much coz' giving me self moral support and purchase my books.
Keep practice and the perfect results will be rewarded to you soon.
Regards and with lots of love,
Rosita Jaafar