Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Checklist of Things Needed for Embroidered Tudung Bawal

To get started with Embroidered Tudung Bawal project you will need a plain tudung bawal. Pick a good quality fabric. Tudung bawal is as I found out from internet resource is "voile". Some say the best i.e. grade 1 is Japanese voile, followed by Korean voile, then others. Personally I agree with the point that the softer the material the better. Then again the Japanese are well known for their quality, naturally they make the best - fabric or bead for that matter. Note: the better the fabric the better result with making the edging, pick-and-pull.

Then think of the design or get the desired motif to copy. Get the threads needed. First is the sewing thread for the edging pick-and-pull and slip stitching. Then the embroidery thread or floss. There are many brands of embroidery thread available choose the best color, material and gloss to get the best finishing.

Get a suitable needle for the work. I prefer the blunt type as the sharp ones then to prick on the finger as we work. Can't mention the number as I found the grading differs from brand to brand. Just get a medium thickness and length. Get a needle threader if you need it. Recommended for those 40 and above.

Find a good size Ram to hold the fabric when embroidering. Picture shown plastic 6". I've seen Bah working with a small loom, probably 4", with ease.

As for all sewing projects, get a good scissor or cutting tool at hand.

Contact me for this sewing kit by email norazihan@yahoo.com or 019-9846026 or leave a comment here. It's only RM30 (not including postage.)

"Happy Sewing!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beginner's Beading Kit

Beginner's Beading Kit:

Japanese Glass Bead Small Packet 5 colors
Small Plastic Pearl 1 color
Rice Bead 1 color
Plastic Sequin 1 color
Beading Needle
Beading Thread
Needle Threader
Bead Tray
Bead Container (empty)
Air Erasable Pen
Air Erasable Pen Eraser

Items may not be exactly be the same as in picture .

Price: RM45.00 (postal charge not included)

Email norazihan@yahoo.com or call 0199846026 for order.

Suggested Bead Box - ice cream container :) - for safe keeping of you beading stuff.

Awas - bila dah bermula beading nanti, manik-manik tend to beterabur, so sabar ye... Selamat Mencuba!!