Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shida's FotoPage -

shida's FotoPage -

Aduh! Cukup menawan. Very tradisional motif, color and style. Love it. Mesti cuba jugak.

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Beadwork by glamstarz -

beadwork by glamstarz -

Saya suka sangat design ni! Takpi belum cuba lagi. Mesti cuba jugak satu hari. Rasenye the challenge is to get the balance between the pattern yang sarat ni dengan the overall look of the dress. Glamstarz choice of color and type of beads for this design is excellent. But I must say the finished dress is not as outstanding. I better be careful when I'm laying out the design on my dress. Good job Glamstarz. Bagilah tips sikit untuk pattern ni.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tahniah Ms Rosita Jaafar

Tahniah Ms Rosita Jaafar on your new edition of Beads Sequins Embroidery, Sulaman Manik Labuci.

First off, I first learned about beading from Mok Su Zana (fyi die ni pangkat anak sedara, mude lagi anak satu baru). Prosess pembelajaran ni was very first hand. She showed me a couple of stiches then I tried it on my projects.

Secondly, I proceed to more tricky stitches from Ms Rosita's book. I must say her illustrations are easy to follow except for the sequin flowers. I've improved on my bead flowers and basic chain from her book. My cushion cover project of bunga lalang was actually a try out from one of her designs in the book.

On the sequin flower, surprisingly my 12 year old son managed to pull them together. I had to learn from him when I did the sequin flowers for Kak Zah's dress.

Happy beading!!