Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alphabets - Ondori Floral Embroidery

This is the design I used for my SULAM project. The finishing here is good as the material is thick. Remember, I used my burgundy japanese voille, thin fabric. So to make up your favourite word follow the needlework template as below. For letters not available just make it up. Making up the alphabet is easy I think, coz I did M on my own. However adding the floral motif is another. Good luck. Kalau dah siap share lah dengan saya. Tks.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pattern Tudung Bawal

To beginner new tudung bawal embroiders following are FAQs. The answers will get you started with the pattern:

1) Where can I get patterns for tudung bawal?

There are a lot of web pages with pictures of tudung bawal pattern. Here are some of mine at Sulam Sayang:

a) Sulam Tangan dan Sulam Manik Tudung Bawal --> Pic #1
b) Tudung Bawal Sulam Tangan oleh Sulam Sayang --> Pic #4
c) Tudung Bawal Hand Sewn and Embroidered (TBHSE) --> Pic #2

2) How can get the patterns onto my fabric?

First, click the picture link. You will get a window with full view of the pattern.

Then, print the picture full onto an A4 paper

Place the printout underneath the fabric

Then, using an erasable marker pen, draw out (trace) the pattern on the fabric

You're all set to start with the stitching.

3) Which part should I start stitching first?

Start at the center area of the tudung back
Work the bullion flowers first
Then the stems
Then the leaves
Work your way along the tudung side until done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Loop Embroidery Frame

When a Sulam Sayang friend visited me at my home, I was astounded. Edina first came across my blog from a link on another Sulam Sayang follower. A cross stitch enthusiast, she wanted to try bead embroidery. We were happy to share knowledge. She referred me to a local cross-stitch store which I knew existed but somehow lost in my mind during the course of the years in Kuantan. So I decided to pay the shop a visit.

More than I bargained for from that visit, I found this forever wanted mini embroidery loop. Plus, it's one of the new thing in sewing tool, it's a spring loop. Just had to have it. So I bought two sizes, one 3" and the other 4" (in pink!!) Same as the traditional loop, the spring loop has two parts - the outer loop made of strong plastic, and the other the inner loop made of metal. This inner loop is fabricated with the ends twisted to function as holder to reduce its circumferential size to fit into the plastic loop. Neat! Pictures show how I used it to bead embroider a floral motif at a kurung sleeve end.

First, place the material wrong side up. Slip the plastic frame underneath. Place the metal frame from on top and let it place itself into the plastic frame neatly.

Turn it around and you're ready to work. Click here to see the finished project at Sulam Sayang main blog.