Saturday, July 26, 2008

Designing Freehand

This is my experience working on Warisan Bunga Par.

Designing freehand takes the artist out of you.

Like other form of design, first is to develope the sketch (pencil drawn draft.) Then transfer the drawing onto the fabric. Use a fabric air erasable pen.

Note, when sketching the size of the design is the size of the paper used (Here I used an A3 paper.) When transferring the design to the garment the final size of the design should be adjustment to fit the size of garment.

Then figure out the color scheme.
Color combination is crucial to the finished look.

For bead embroidery, then figure out the type of beads to use. For this project I have used Japanese glass beads, plastic pearls, and floral sequin.

For bead embroidery, the finished design, color, bead type and stitch type must synchronize with background, which is the material. For this project the material is dark blue Thai silk. Color design must blend well with the fabric color and texture.

As most of the garments Malay ladies wear are worn with a sarong, then don't forget to keep in mind the color and texture of the sarong fabric. This will complete the whole outfit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Neck Stretch / Regang Leher

Hi beaders, I find my neck and shoulder stiff lepas jahit a few hours. Here's sharing neck stretch from Neck Stretch |

Published on: 05/26/05

The move: Neck Stretch

Works on: The muscles, tendons and ligaments in the necks, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Step 1: Raise both arms above your head.

Step 2: Place your right hand on your head and pull gently to the right at the same time as you horizontally extend your left arm out

Repetitions: Stretch twice to each side, holding for 15 to 20 seconds each time.

Tina Burch/Los Angeles Daily News
With arms raised above his head, Richard Simmons gets ready to do the Neck Stretch.
Tina Burch/Los Angeles Daily News
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