Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beginner's Beading Kit

Beginner's Beading Kit:

Japanese Glass Bead Small Packet 5 colors
Small Plastic Pearl 1 color
Rice Bead 1 color
Plastic Sequin 1 color
Beading Needle
Beading Thread
Needle Threader
Bead Tray
Bead Container (empty)
Air Erasable Pen
Air Erasable Pen Eraser

Items may not be exactly be the same as in picture .

Price: RM45.00 (postal charge not included)

Email norazihan@yahoo.com or call 0199846026 for order.

Suggested Bead Box - ice cream container :) - for safe keeping of you beading stuff.

Awas - bila dah bermula beading nanti, manik-manik tend to beterabur, so sabar ye... Selamat Mencuba!!