Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sulam Tangan Tudung Bawal

Sudah selesai menyiapkan tepi tudung samada dengan kelim tangan slip stitch ataupun machine now's the time to hand embroider with your favourite floral design. For tudung Rozi I choose the colors white, yellow and emerald green to give that soft harmonious look. Draw straight line to guide the motif drawing. For this I use water erasable pen. Use air erasable pen to draw the floral motif and workable areas fitting the frame size used.

For the rose, I used bullion stitch working with white and yellow to enhance the 3D effect. for the rose bud, I used bullion stitch in yellow. For the leaves and branches I used emerald green. The leaves and stitched with lazy daisy stitches while the branches with straight stitches.

Once complete, give the tudung a wash thru running water to wash off the water erasable pen markings then soak in softener and drip dry. Voalla, your done. Give yourself a good pat at the back.